Saturday, 23 March 2013

More things about me

Ok encouraged by the naughty Lynne I thought I would share a bit more about me that I know I haven't mentioned on here before because I don't talk about this one much - in fact I don't think I have even mentioned it to Yvonne or Kathi!!! I can hear their ears pricking up big time now. 
Well when I left school I went off to college in Stamford and from there I went off to college in Broadstairs, Kent (known as the Isle of Thanet then, don't know if it still is) I spent two years there training to be a beauty therapist (not a common career back then).  Anyway, when I left there I went back home to live whilst I found employment.  Whilst looking my old flat mate rang to say there was a temporary vacancy at the place she worked and would I be interested, even though it was not what I had trained to do.  Well under the circumstances I said yes, even though it meant a move to london but I could live in, so accommodation wasn't a problem.  That was on the Friday, Monday I got a train to London to be interviewed, came home that day and packed my bag and on the Wednesday I started work.  The work was only meant to be for two wks to cover sickness, 18 months later I was still there.
This was my new home and work place

and this wonderful lady was my new employer.

Yep I was the Queen Mother's new linen maid!!! 


  1. Oh wow, how fantastic to work for the Royal Family as an experience :)

  2. Wow!Karen,that is amazing, you dark horse, kinda gazumps my babysitting for Thandi Newton I reckon.. I guess now you were so discrete it held youin good stead for the police force later on, or were you a spy !? You must have some amzing stories and memories.. you winthe prize this week and no mistake! Love it xxxx

  3. What a fascinating insight Karen, please tell us more about your time with the royals xx

  4. What an incredible experience. You must have more stories to tell x

  5. Surely something we didn't know. WOW !

  6. Glad I made you tell all LOL!!

    Wow that was amazing as I scrolled down and saw the Queen Mother!!

    No don't think any of us can beat that story!!

  7. I think your past employment was wonderful. It must have been exciting as well. I never did anything like that or even close to it.

  8. Oh you dark horse. I was reading it thinking I knew about the beauty bit and the police bit but what a big surprise to see what you did in between x I so love heating about other people's history
    Love and hugs

  9. Congratulations!
    You should be proud of that. You have been given this honor - to be close to their majesties. You are very excellent person ..
    Accept my respect.


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