Friday, 22 March 2013

Five things you don't know about me???

Well four as I have given one away already and I will try and find a more up to date photo of Finningley Station House and post it.

  1. Although I am chatty and open on here in reality I am fairly shy (not as bad as I use to be) and don't open up to anyone face to face.
  2. I always have done and do still lack self confidence in myself and anything I do.
  3. I would love and I mean love to learn to do the waltz and the jive.  Or any dance for that matter.
  4. I love eggs but can't eat a fried egg and definitely can't have baked beans and egg yolk on the same plate or eat at the same time!!!!  Why ............... no idea.
Kathi also asked about our oldest piece of clothing in our wardrobe, well I guess that must be a red jacket I bought in 2002, I have started clearing out clothes on a regular basis over the last few years so can't go further back than that :)
As for someone who has influenced my life - right now I really can't think of anyone so shall have to put some thought to that one over the weekend.

Last night when I went out to camera club the rain was awful, to the point that I couldn't get out of the village my usual route due to two cars floating in the middle of the road!!!!!  Stupidly I didn't take a photo!! I think I was more concerned with the car zooming up behind me even though I had my hazard lights going. Anyway by the time I got home rather late I realised that I hadn't taken a photo so quickly took this - Amanda's not so straight parking of the car!!


  1. I love your daughter's parking :-)
    I'm very shy and lacking in confidence too, still find it difficult, well almost impossible, to phone people unless its my Mum. Thats why I like social media so much, it makes it much easier to talk to people.
    Fried egg and baked beans on toast is my absolute favourite breakfast.
    Joy xx

  2. Keep going Karen I like learning more about you!!

    I too cannot think of a person that has influenced me either and as for old clothes, never keep them long these days but have just remembered one thing so later will add it to my blog :)

    1. Don't encourage me Lynne I am starting to enjoy it. lol. xx

  3. It is nice to get to know you better Karen :) You have had bad weather down there haven't you. We seem to have been between the flooding and snow here in north devon!

  4. Fascinating to imagine how people are and learn about them ! xx


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