Monday, 25 March 2013

Lucky Snapping quote

This week Lynne on Lucky Snapping has given us a quote from a film

This month my quote comes from a movie (might as well use the American word!) titled ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’ made in 1986.
“ Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it”

This week I want to to use this quote.
1.Tell us how busy is your life this week? What are you up to?
2.Look around to see that you could have missed? Take some photos and show us
Well having looked at my diary for this week I didn't think I would get much if any blogging in as the plan was work Mon and Tues morning, coffee with Yvonne Monday afternoon, hairdressers Tues afternoon, Bristol Wed, home Thurs back to work Friday.  Well I should say that was my plan....................  silly me!!
All going well first thing, then at 8.05am whilst waiting to pull out onto the A390 that takes me into Truro and my first call the gentlemen behind me took such a fancy to my rear that he embedded his BMW in it!!!  I had seen him coming up behind me and thought he was going abit fast but didn't expect that.

Yes I know my car is filthy but if you saw the roads I have to travel down you would understand.

Now on the scale of car damage this really is nothing, even so it looks like the car will be written off as we are unable to open the boot!!  Thankfully the gentleman has accepted full responsibility  and his insurance company are supplying me with a car tomorrow and sending a photographer around on Wednesday to take photos so they can assess the damage and decide whether to write it off or repair it. As for me, I was shook up and cancelled my coffee with Yvonne, didn't feel up to it by the time I got home from work. The headache has just about gone so feeling normal again, think the headache was caused by the whole episode as appose to any injury.
I do hope the rest of the week goes to my plan and not someone else's as in today.
and some more daily photos before I drop behind again!!
81/365 - Gerbera

 83/365- Truro - blocked in again, but thankfully not for long!



  1. Ooops so sorry. I have BMW drivers, they think the own the roads! Having said that I think I hate Volvo drivers even more..... Hope it all gets sorted out with not too many hassles and glad to hear you are OK despite the shock. Have a good week after this bad start, Diane

  2. oh Karen, glad to hear you weren't hurt and the car in fixed in no time. Love the photo of the gerbra x

  3. Sorry to hear of your accident. I have been rear ended in my car as well so I know how it can shake you up even if you are not seriously hurt or your car damaged too heavily. I wish you well.

  4. I am just so glad you are ok x take it easy with your busy week x

  5. Sorry to hear about your accident Karen, it does shake you up doesn't it? Hope you are feeling better today, and that the rest of the week goes to plan. We are going to Bristol to visit Alex, No 3 son, but not till Thursday, so wont see you there.
    Joy xx

  6. pleased you are ok, it does shake you up though...hope insurance are quick in deciding your cars fate.

  7. POOR YOU (((hugs)) Well that gentleman in that car was certainly looking around and didn't miss you LOL!!
    Hope the week goes better than yesterday!

  8. An accident, even a small one, is always an awful experience. Glad you feel better now. xxx

  9. Oh no Karen, what a shock, no wonder you felt odd and a headache followed! I am so glad to hear the offender took responsibility for it, a friend of mine was hit by another driver and told him he would never prove it and left the scene, horrid.
    I hope your week does improve. xxx

  10. Oh dear what a difficult week. Even when it is not your fault, any accident causes so much hassle. Hope you can put it behind you and enjoy the holiday weekend.

  11. That was really bad luck with the car. I hope it isn't written off.
    I love that flower

  12. Oh dear your week did not get off to a good start did it, hope it improved.Thanks for your recent kind words on my own blog, which are so much appreciated.


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