Saturday, 2 March 2013

Look Closely - The Beautiful may be Small

Linking in with Lucky Snapping and Lynne's quote
Wednesday morning brought a frost with it so I ventured out to see what I could see. Couldn't believe there were some daisies still in the lawn.

One of two hydranga's springing into life rapidly.

There was a mention of squirrel proof bird feeders on someone's blog the other day, so thought I would show you ours, which to date has proved to be squirrel proof. 
Playing with some tulips my mother and father in law bought me on Tuesday. The stemens reminded me of meerkats!!
I shan't get to post anything tomorrow as I shall be at the NEC all day, so hope everyone has a good weekend. 


  1. Karen those photos are beautiful xxx Have a good day at NEC and Don't walk to far. Look after that shin xx

  2. Great photos! Congratulations!
    You've done a great job for this challenge!
    Many thanks for your comments on my blog!
    Good luck!

  3. I hope you enjoy your day at the NEC. You'll have to tell us what you bought.

  4. I hope you enjoy your day at the NEC. You'll have to tell us what you bought.

  5. Enjoy the NEC, those poor daisies with the frost on them :( good to see signs of spring though

  6. how was the NEC - hope you weren't in too much pain. love the tulip photo x

  7. Lovely photos but don't get the meerkat thing lol hope u had a good day at the Nec x

  8. Wow these photos are awesome - perfect and artistic!!! Wonderful.

  9. Love your pictures. I was the one who mentioned that we had not found a bird feeder that the squirrels can't get into. I have never seen one like yours. I will have to research online to see if they are available here in the US. Thanks for showing it. xx

  10. Beautiful frosty photo Karen! xx


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