Tuesday, 26 February 2013

POTD update

Last week's selection from my travels.
49/365 - Probus square.

50/365 taken on my walk on Tuesday over Caerhays way.

51/365 - a quick shot as we came back through Tregony, during Amanda's driving lesson.

52/365 -  Looking down Station road into Truro, this advert is everywhere at the moment, makes me laugh - there is nothing superfast about Cornwall!!

53/365  - Love these houses, just wish they were better maintained.
54/365 - the road back into Tregony, the brown dot in the field nearly in the centre was a buzzard just landed.

55/365 - back on the road with Amanda driving, the tractors are appearing on the road so spring must be on the way!!  A funny colour cast on the photo as her car window is filthy (no good for photography) she says she can see fine!!!!

Have had abit of a disaster hit here on Sunday, whilst out walking I developed a pain in my shin, which gradually got worse throughout the day to the point I could hardly put any weight on it come the evening.  So hobbled to the doc's yesterday thinking it was shin splints but thankfully no it is just (just lol) inflammation of the sheath that covers the tendon, rest for two weeks, anit inflammatory tabs and physio if I want to speed things up.  Seeing physio today, I have to go back to him in two weeks, but NO WALKING!!! :(  Yes I had alittle wobble about this but as Mick and Yvonne have said if I actually do as I am told (????) then I have time to recover and get back on track - if I don't, well there will be no sympathy for me!!  So yesterday was spent sat on the settee, did finish an item of knitting, wrote a couple of letters and realised just how boring daytime tv is (for me).  Today I shall have to go sick for work (that really goes against the grain - first time in 18mths, but hopefully I will be able to go back tomorrow) more knitting and some photo editing. Then see what the physio says, fingers crossed. (they do get issued with magic wands when they qualify - I'm sure).  Anyway I have to be on my feet by Sunday as I am off to Focus on Imaging at the NEC so..............  I will be a good girl and do as I am told for a change. (actually that is probably a bigger challenge that the actual walk!!!)

BUT every cloud has a silver lining today's silver lining is Amanda has just passed her driving test - first time :)  now the real worries start.


  1. Congratulations to Amanda for a first time pass. It is very difficult to do as one's told, isn't it? (pleased its not shin splints - that sounds very painful)
    Joy xx

  2. I love dipping in over here - it reminds me how crap my photography skills are compared to yours!
    The one whizzing through the darkened streets is particularly good.

  3. Love that big ole house! Sorry to hear your are suffering and glad you've rested. You'll be back on your feet in no time! Writing letters - didn't think anyone done that anymore :)

    Congrats Amanda x

  4. Your pics are like a flick through Country Life! Good on Amanda, yes, it takes a while of clock watching at first doesn't it!

  5. Lovely photo's, I really like the houses!! Well done to Amanda, and you really MUST rest, or it will take longer to heal (speaking from experience!!!) And yes, daytime TV is very poor :)

  6. Good selection of photos. So glad you actually listened to the advise lol I know I can be such a nag x


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