Monday, 25 February 2013

Late entry - for Lucky Snapping Affairs of the Heart

Don't feel I have contributed much this week to the theme of Affairs of the heart - sorry Kathi, have had different thoughts but not seem to have actually put them down on blog paper.

So here are just a couple following on from my original post re my unromantic hubby.  After we got engaged in the May we then looked to getting a house together, can't remember exactly when we moved in but we were in before Christmas.  So this was to be our first Christmas together and I was really looking forward to it, then comes the "er I've been put down to work an early turn Christmas Day"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
OK I could accept this as he would be home by 3.30pm and it was double time pay wise and an extra day off (the good old days!!) so I put in to work as well, well might as well be at work than at home on my own, plus I had the same perks, double time etc. I finsihed at 2pm so was home before Mick and he had promised not to get tied up in overtime!!!  Which he stuck to and arrived home around 3.30pm so now we could have our first Christmas together. He had travelled to work on his motorbike as often the case. Once home we were chatting about our morning's work etc and then he comes out with this sentence, " when we finished most of the others guys popped into the services and bought flowers to take home" (me thinking ah bless him - he is lovely) he continues "I thought of it then thought no point as I am on the bike they would get squashed, so I didn't bother"  (me thinks - you really are the original black rat and I hope you choke on your turkey!!)  This romantic gesture lasted all of say ten seconds!!! 
Admittedly he was right, they would have been squashed as he would have had to put them inside his jacket, and at least the thought was there which is the main thing.  And over the years - all 23 nearly 24 of them he has bought me flowers on many an occasion for no reason.

As for Kathi's  Blog Friends Forever - when I look back on my childhood I had friends but none that I could  say were really close, (I was very shy and quiet then) plus we moved about abit with my dad's work until he passed away when I was 11, so I feel I don't really have any roots so to speak of.  I can honestly say I have more friends now than I have ever had before both in blog land and real life. I feel the friends I have now are going to be around for a long time (well I certainly hope so) and were well worth waiting for them to enter my life.

As for our song.  I am a big music fan - Mick isn't.  I have lots of favourite tracks that I apply to different times, events in my life, but if you were to ask both of us for one song it would be "I love you because" by Jim Reeves.
I have never attached a video before so hope this works. As they say 'you learn something new every day'


  1. My Mun always liked this song!

    Kids claimed they won the race - but it was a bit if a photo-finish!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  2. Ahhh Karen, I remember listening to Jim Reeves when I was a kid, my Mum loved his songs, especially this one and she had lost my Dad a few years before, so even now it makes me feel sad.. and I haven't even played the video yet.
    Thanks for your contribution, I love your stories, after all it's not just about the serious.. and hey, who wants squashed flowers! ;-)

  3. I don't think my husband has ever bought me flowers either and he has not got the excuse of a motor bike!! Take care Diane

  4. I wouldn't have wanted squashed flowers either LOL!!

    Peter loves playing Jim Reeves too and this is a very romantic song xx

  5. Yes who wants squashed flowers. At least the thought was there.

  6. its the thought that counts :) bless! There are many songs that remind me of my childhood, mainly assocaited with camping holidays and club houses! Great post Karen x

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