Wednesday, 13 February 2013

POTD update

34/365- Driving pass Asda on Sunday afternoon, some people really have nothing better to do!!
  35/365 - Truro scrap yard,

36/365  Waiting for work colleague to go into a call.

 37/365 - The sky was very dramatic this evening but hasn't shown up that well in the photo.
38/365 - whilst out training I came across a cornish wall that had various items cemented into it, it was really lovely, put a smile on my face.

39/365 - was my monthly view
40/365 - Stopped to show Amanda how to put petrol in the car during driving lesson.  This was the view when we came to leave, had to wait awhile to lady the lady on the right get out of the way!! :)

41/365 - Park in Truro,


  1. Karen just loved your photos of 'your' world xx

  2. you are good at taking these photos. I wonder what the story is behind the decorated wall-made me smile too x

  3. Lovely update Karen. The wall photo is my favorite! I would never find this here!

  4. I really like looking at photos taken from you - they are very interesting - different places and situations!
    / Thank you for the comment on my blog. I live in Sofia. You must come back - now our city is much nicer! /
    Have a nice day!


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