Sunday, 10 February 2013

Monthly View and POTD.

Late in taking and posting this month's view.  Also linking it with Lucky Snapping View

You can see January's view here
Plus POTD update which I realise is over due, so will only put a few up otherwise it will become a very long post.
28/365 - Our village pub, not a good photo, taken after an awful evening at work :(
29/365 - View from my kitchen window,

30/365 - Perranporth, looking down onto the beach this time.
31/365 - A street in Truro - they have introduced 30 mins parking bays in areas now which makes life so much easier for quick stops - ie dropping quilt off at launderette.
32/365 - Penryn Asda car park, wet and horrid.

33/365 - Front cover of the Asda magazine, didn't go out in the car today.  This will be the closest I get to anything remotely romantic for Valentine's day!!
That is all for this post, will update the rest tomorrow. x


  1. Lovely to see some more views and get the feel of where you live, Like the Valentine photo courtesy of Asda LOL!!

  2. You have certainly been busy with your camera.

  3. you ole romantic you!! good selection of photos x

  4. It looks as wet there as it is here. Our garden is just waterlogged despite us being on high ground! Keep dry Diane

  5. Great photos Karen. You never know mick may surprise you lol x


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