Tuesday, 19 February 2013

A request for support - please

Hopefully this post does not offend anyone and I apologise if it does.  I am not the kind of person who generally asks anyone for anything, BUT the one time I am happy to ask, beg or plead is when it comes to fundraising.  Most of you who read my blog are aware I am taking part in the London Moonwalk 2013 which is 12 wks on Sat (scary!!).  I have spent the weekend setting up my online sponsor page, composing emails and printing out sponsor forms 'going live' as I have termed it.  I have copied and pasted the email below and if any of you would like to sponsor me in my venture I will be so grateful.
You know I still can't believe that I have announced to the world that I shall be 50 soon, maybe I have finally come to terms with it or else I put it down to 'all for a good cause' as they say!!!
I also apologise if you have had this email via email (Kathi, Yvonne, Louise and any one else :) )
The email and link, thank you. xxx
Hi everyone,
On May 11th which happens to be my dreaded 50th birthday (I know you can't believe it but it's true) instead of partying into the early hours of the morning as usual I shall be taking part in the London Moonwalk, which is power walking 26.2 (a full marathon) around the streets of London over night, starting at midnight all in aid of Breast Cancer. Hopefully completing it within 6.5 hrs!! (I like a challenge!!)
Some facts,
Breast Cancer is the most common cancer in the UK,
1 in 8 women in the UK will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their life time,
1000 women a MONTH die from breast cancer,
more than 48,000 PEOPLE in the UK are diagnosed with breast cancer each year.
around 80 men a year die from breast cancer - you don't have to be female to develope breast cancer!!
PLEASE help me raise as much money as possible by sponsoring me, either by going to
seeing me in person,
let your business sponsor me

Thank you
Karen xx


  1. this is something very close to my heart so i admire you for taking part. My mum was one of the lucky ones after having BC 18 years ago now. I also lost my step nan and a very close friend to the disease. You go Karen and I hope you raise lots xx

  2. Like wise this charity is very close to my heart as well x Karen ha taken on a huge challenge. I have done the moonwalk twice and all the miles you have to put in to achieve this is mind blowing. Karen like me has done many training miles alone and this takes a lot of dedication and focus to get up get out and do it. The walk itself starts at 11 at night and I can guarantee that Karen will have had no sleep during the day as she will be far to excited. So unlike the London marathon which you start after a nights sleep you do this one when your body wants to go to bed. So I add these words to Karen's email. Please sponsor her as she and the charity deserve our support x

  3. Ah thanks Yvonne, I couldn't have asked for a better mentor on this challenge, if have kept me in there when the doubts have arisen big time. xxx


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