Wednesday, 5 December 2012

JYC Day 3, Day 4 and Day 5

Five days into this and I am already behind, not a good week workwise to start a new daily challenges!!
'Planning for happiness' 
Hmm finding this prompt rather hard to be honest, the prompt is to journal about how you plan for happy times over the christmas period???  My planning of the whole event is about two months behind this year, why?  I have no idea, December has just arrived way too early for me and I am struggling to get my head around the fact that it is Christmas DAY in 20 days time!!!  I haven't even written a single christmas card yet :( !!!  Made some and put them on the table to write but that is as far as it has gone.  Anyway, I digress, back to the prompt, some how I think this year is going to be thrown together at the last minute, though there is a duck in the freezer (we don't do traditional Christmas dinner in this house) so this year it is duck and chicken (Amanda stopped eating red meat in May, having spent a day with a vet for work experience, I shall say no more!! )  Digressing again, planning.................. guess the fact that I am working the whole of christmas and new year is not helping me plan very well.  Maybe a list will help?
Amanda's 18th Brithday party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (had forgot that)
Wrapping pressies,
Posting pressies,
Meals out,
Meals in,
Postman/dustmen, (pressie's, tradition),
Cleaning :( 
Wreath making,
That will have to do, it is getting too long otherwise. So that is my planning list for a happy Christmas time, I'm sure it will all come together and be just dandy - as my uncle would say :)
Ok I can see it is going to be the JYC in list form this year!!
The photo prompt for today is 'ornament' surprisingly I haven't done that either, roll on Friday for a day off.
'A Gift that filled you with delight'
Whilst reading the prompt a couple of items sprung to mind that have stayed with me as special presents.  The one I have chosen is some knitting my mum did for me one year for my Tiny Tears Doll and April Showers Doll, she knitted them each a duffle coat, one in turquoise and one in beige, matching bootees, mittens, jumper and trousers.  I loved them (still do as they are carefully packed away in the loft!)  I spent many an hour dressing Tiny and April in them, they were the best dressed dollies in town.  Funny how I remember loving my dolls but my two girls never got into them at all, preferred toy animals right from day one!!  Strange.  Now that I have written this I think I journalled about the outfits last year as well.  They really did have a lastly impression on me - lol.
Today's photo prompt is .............. the dominance of the colour red in an image???  Now as I am looking to do the photo's in b&w film this could be very challenging lol, Hmm, this will be added later.
'Christmas Cards'
Christmas cards, guess you either love them or hate them these days. Mine are normally written sometime in November and already to go in the post box around about now.  This year I have managed to make 20 and buy a pack of 12, which leaves me approximately 50 odd short!!!  Not a good sign on the 5th December I have to say.  I will confess to actually thinking about not sending any this year, but then I thought if I do that I might not get any myself next year and unfortunately I am such a big kid when I see the postman stopping at the gate - I still get that sense of excitment that I felt when I was little and I would see Danny (the postman) cycling up the road and praying that he would stop at ours and there would be a letter for me from my best friend who had moved to Leigh on Sea, Essex, (I was in Market Deeping in Lincs!)  I love receiving Christmas cards, guessing who they are from, before opening them, ooing and ahing over the festive designs, reading the annual letters enclosed within and catching up on everyone's news, love the warm feeling each one brings with it showing me that someone has remembered us at this time of year. How could I possibly think about not sending them, after all, they are such a huge part of Christmas, they have been for years.   Before you wonder, yes I do save some, not as many as I use to but  the special ones, from the girls and Mick, my mum, Uncles' and Aunt, even though none of them are with us anymore.  I even have some that my mum sent to my granny when she was first married and from before then, that is going back  well over 50 years!!  I simply could NOT send Christmas Cards.
Photo prompt - in front of the tree to create a bokeh effect.  As with the others, this will have to wait, also this one could be interesting in b&w.
Yeah I am up to date. :)


  1. it's lovely to read a little about you. The only thing i'd be able to cross of that list is wreaths!! i'm way behind this year too.

    I still guess who the christmas cards are from before i open them!! lol! x

  2. You are further ahead than me. Have crashed the last two nights. My Mum has organised for a cleaner to come in on Friday and now I am panicking about getting it clean before she arrives. What are we like :0)

  3. I understand completely and admire you for even attempting the challenge with your busy schedule Karen.

  4. I agree, great writing and lovely to hear your thougts and memories.. I also still have some dolls clothes, not the dolls though. One of them was called Kate!
    I only send a few cards now, a time thing really and as we have been away this time of year for a few years, but I do still get them and enjoy it!

  5. Keep going Karen and have a wonderful Christmas season.


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