Monday, 3 December 2012

JYC Day 2

Today's prompt was to journal about a childhood memory of the first signs of Christmas.  For me it had to be the memory of the local Rotary Club Christmas collection which consisted of a float playing christmas carols and club members dressed up.  The float would drive slowly around the village (as it was then) playing the music whilst the members went door to door with collection buckets.  Well I remember one particular evening, it was only mum and I at home and for some reason we weren't expecting them and hadn't heard the music.  There was a loud knock at the door so I went and opened it and had the fright of my life to see a tall man dressed in a space suit, including the biggest goldfish bowl I have ever seen on his head, thus making him taller than ever (I'm not that tall!)  I remember letting out a startled scream and then laughing at my surprise.  The poor chap was so apologetic for frightening me.  I pointed out that we hadn't heard the music and he informed me that the previous year they had received complaints that it was too loud!!!  I ask you?  Not long after that the whole event stopped.  Such a shame as they use to raise money for local charities and do so much good.  Glad I was lucky enough to experience it for a number of years and can remember it.  To me that was the start of Christmas. 

The photo prompt for today was an exercise taking photos to check your lighting for the big day.  Hands up haven't done that :)  so here is one I took at the beginning of November, of a house that was in the process of begin decorated.  The decorations now stretch right across the grass in front of the other houses!!  The lights were turned on on Sat, planning to pop over one evening to take another photo.

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