Wednesday, 12 December 2012

JYC - Day 6/7/8

So far behind on this it is unbelievable, but hey - there is a good side to being so far behind, I have had plenty of time to think about the prompts, admittedly the photos aren't complete yet but I don't like to rush these things you know,  all in good time. So on we go....

JYC Day 6
'What would make it extra special?'

 When I first read this I really couldn't think of anything, but now I think what would really make this Christmas extra special for me is if Mick would just buy me a surprise as a present, doesn't have to be big or expensive, just something.  Now I can guess some of you are thinking what????  so let me explain.  I am very lucky in the sense that if I want something, Mick is more than happy for me to have it - if possible of course, but he would not go around the shops this time of year - or any time for that matter and look around with a view to just buying me something that I haven't said I specifically want!!  So my pressie's consist of items that I have gone and bought then hand to him to wrap!!!  So far this year I have a CD and a book to go under the tree, which I am very happy about.  But being honest I do feel a pang of jealousy when I  heard what other husband's have thought of getting their wife's. Not the actual gift but the act of thinking about the gift and going and getting it.  Now please don't get me wrong as this is not the end of the world to me and won't spoil my Christmas - never has, but it would just make it extra special just once. 

Today's photo prompt was 'hands'  - hmm that is on the list of to do things as well. :)

JYC Day 7
'A Sensory Memory'

The smell of orange peel has always brought back memories of childhood Christmases to me, probably because then we only had oranges at Christmas and that would be one in our stocking (one of dad's socks!) they were such a treat along with the nuts.  That was another sound we only heard at Christmas the cracking of the nut shells by mum, cracking them and then sharing them out between us all. Nowadays oranges and nuts are an all year round thing, so nothing is special about them any more, guess that is just the way things are nowadays!!

Photo prompt - editing skills to use layers to create a photo of lights - now that could be challenging as my photoshop skills are not great, but I shall give it a try.

JYC Day 8
Christmas Tree Memories

I really can't think of any particular memories around the actual tree itself, apart from it being a real one and there being some grumblings about it and the mess the pines made, but that was all part and parcel of it.  I think we stopped having real ones a couple of years after dad passed away ( I was 11), made life a bit easier for mum.  I remember the decorations, a lot of which now go onto our tree each year and have a very special place in my heart, I know mum, dad and granny are still with me when I see them on there each year. 
This prompt has prompted a small photo project, this month I have been photographing Christmas Trees wherever I see them, just to see how differently they are all decorated, becoming abit obsessive with it actually!!

Photograph 'windows' looking in on Christmas, in the camera :)


  1. You are still more organised than me, I would love to journal the days but never get around to it, well done so far.

  2. I know what you mean.. I seem to shop more at this time of year and find all the things I want so I buy them and someone wraps them. I have a hankering for a proper engagement / eternity ring as my single ring has done all jobs, so I told JB.. who told him.. and he was very awkward and obvious about suggesting he buy me a ring.. it just didn't work! Oh well, leave it another 20 yrs! xxxx
    Love your memories, you old softie.. x

  3. It is hard to keep up with anything at this time of the year. Everything seems to be a rush. We have no family and it only the two of us to worry about but we seem to somehow get caught up in everyone else's rush!
    Have a wonderful Christmas and all the very best for 2013. Seems like it was only 2000 a couple of years back where does the time go? Diane


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