Sunday, 2 December 2012

JYC Day 1

Well it doesn't seem like 12 months ago I took part in Shimelle's Journal Your Christmas but it is and I have decided to take part again, though initially I was just going to do the photo prompts this time but having read today's prompt!! well I may as well blog it again, at least that will ensure I blog daily ..ish!

So yesterday was the manifesto, what do I hope/wish/want for Christmas, thought about this whilst walking this morning, and of course the usual words came to mind, happiness, peace goodwill etc etc, naturally I would love all that to happen, but it isn't going to is it? Let's be honest, so instead I settled for laughter, looking forward to having the girls back in the house and to hear their chatter and bickering, some chilling time with each other, cuddles with my girls, and spending time with the family. I was going to copy Jo's idea and use wordle to create my manifesto but hands up the process of getting it from wordle to here beat me and I gave up, so instead it will be a list :)

 My Manifesto for 2012

The photo prompt was 'first sign of christmas' well yesterday I woke up to a white frosty wonderland outside so of course the camera came out.  Took two one, digital and one film, as I had had the idea of using b&w film for this project this year. I did think of taking a photo of the men in the village putting up the Christmas lights this morning on my way back from my walk but to be honest it was raining so much, I was soooo wet and soooo cold that all I could think about was a hot bath!!!  No commitment eh? lol
The frost doesn't really show up that well in the photos, but believe me it was white

Guess you could also class this as a first sign of Christmas, this year's Christmas album, it is lovely.


  1. I like the list but I'll let you into a secret - print screen, then pasted into photoshop and edited.
    Liking your first post x

  2. you ideas for Christmas sound perfect. a great start.i'm just taking notes - haven't thought of putting anything together yet !! x

  3. Mmm I think i sleep in too late, haven't seen any frost yet.. even our bloggers in S'ton seem to have had it when we were away but I was oblivious.. !
    Good start karen.. we have JB's 18th on weds and I am late on that too.. no card, no album I planned (that can be for Christmas now!) x


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