Monday, 26 November 2012

What weather??

Like so many across the country we have had heavy rain, thankfully not as bad as some places and my heart goes out to those whose houses/businesses have been flooded, I can't even begin to imagine what it must be like.
Have to tell you about Saturday night at work though, as you know the weather was horrendous, I can honestly say that I have never driven in weather like that before and to be honest I am in no rush to do it again.  I already knew it would be an interesting evening as I had some new addresses to find which is not easy in the dark with no street lights, even with sat nav and directions, I have always said that it should be compulsory that house names and numbers should be made from glow in the dark material, it would make life so much easier!!  Anyway, I set off and couldn't find the first address, so quick phone call to the address put me right in their drive ... simplas!  The next was not so good, I - wrongly trusted the sat nav - never again!   Having left Truro and any form of civilization behind ie street lights, roads.  houses and mobile signal reception I found myself going down a hill to a rather fast flowing forde - which after a few minutes deliberation I went through and thankfully made it.  Now it is up a hill and then down another which naturally means up another but the road is now a single lane track with water coming onto the road on both sides from the fields and water is also coming straight down the road into me!!  I can only describe it as driving up a river, (at this point I thought I could panic about the whole situation or treat it as one big adventure - you can guess which I chose - advernture!!)  The sat nav then takes me off this track down a bridle path - (some of our clients do live down bridle paths) so I went, then the path divided into two, at this point I started to get a bit doubtful and decided to see if I could ring the house - thankfully I was high enough up to get a signal now and the gentleman answered.  When I told him where I was he was very adamant that I did not drive forward any more not even to turn around, just go backwards!!!  OK ... Why?  I had to ask,  the answer came back "because my dear you are about to drive into the river!!"  Ah, that seemed a pretty good reason to do as he said I thought.  So there I am now trying to do a three point turn in the bridle path in the pitch black and pouring rain and not get stuck in the mud!!  I'm very proud to say I didn't get stuck and made it back to the river road and this time drove with the flow of the water.  Five minutes later I had found the house and the gentleman, who then greets me with a big smile and says "actually my dear I forgot you were coming, would you like a cup of tea?"  After leaving him I had to negotiate the forde again, which was now higher, my heart did stop for a split second as I went through and the water come over the headlights and I was pitched into blackness until I came through it.  I was so glad to get back into Truro do my last call then I hit Tesco's for a much needed bottle of wine then home.  Thankfully I laughed then and still laughing otherwise I think I would have cried all the way home!!
Anyway here are some pics of our village Sunday morning when I tried to go out walking, but our walk was cut short (5miles) due to flooded roads and fallen trees :(

This is was the gate way to my monthly view!!

The water had dropped abit this morning, but with the rain we have had today, it has gone back up!!
Sorry for such a long post and if you have got this far well done. :)


  1. I have been thinking of you and following the news reports.

    I feel awful i gasped and laughed when i read the "my dear you are about to drive into the river" I would have been terrified....well done on making it through the evening!

    We have been lucky but are surrounded by rivers that have burst their banks and flooded fields and roads...i hope this rain stops soon.

    You take care now xx

  2. Wow, since I am on the other side of the pond, I had no idea England was dealing with such severe weather! Your story kept me reading as I was waiting to find out if your car ended up stuck in a giant puddle in the middle of the road! Glad you were safe!

  3. Well done for persevering, Karen, I'm not sure I would have done. Glad to hear that you are now safe and well-wined xx

  4. WOW! Not sure I'd have been brave enough to go through the forde (but I do only have a small car!!!) I would have probably turned around at the beginning!! I should think you deserved the wine after a night like that!!

  5. What a frightening experience, so glad that you are safe and sound. I have never had full faith in my SatNav and this just proves a point!!! Think I would have bought a creat of wine! I hope the floods have gone down further now. Stay safe Diane


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