Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Busy Busy Busy

Oh my goodness, I really can't believe I haven't posted on here since the 7th November - where has the time gone??  I feel like I have been on a fast moving roller coaster that wouldn't let me off until today, two days off and I am going to make a point of staying in the house today as I feel like I haven't been here for ages and even I need to do some housework!!

I finally started the chistmas shopping and making the christmas cards as well as ordinary greeting cards for a christmas fayre on the 8th Dec.  Three pairs of hand warmers knitted for stocking fillers, one birthday book half made and two blankets growing :) (though I don't think I shall have them finished for Christmas .... this year!)  Thought alot about food - which is nothing new for me, especially this time of year, I am a BIG comfort eater :(  - bad news, I don't feel better for it, in fact I feel worse! so why do I do it, goodness knows. 
So what have I been doing for the last two weeks, apart from working???  Good question! In between working, we took Amanda to Warwickshire for a taster day for the course she wants to do next year - Veterinary Nursing - we had to amuse ourselves for the day so went to Stratford upon Avon then on to Leamington Spa, both very nice.  Amanda had a fantastic day and fell in love with the course and the place, my only reservation is that it is very isolated and her placement may be in Oxford, which is miles away, so that means car, etc.  Anyway we shall cross that bridge when we come to it - if she gets offered a place.  She also has an open day on Sat at Duchy here in Cornwall.  On the way back we stopped in Bristol to see Bernadette who kindly cooked us tea.  That did seem strange, B cooking tea for us in her home!!!

Stratford upon Avon

Leamington Spa

Then Amanda and I went to see Gary Barlow at the Plymouth Pavilions, a very enjoyable evening's entertainment, apart from the woman in front who insisted on waving her arm in the air all the time, but it is something you just have to expect at concerts I guess. I didn't bother saying anything as I had heard her reply to her boyfriend when he suggested she sat down!!!!! So I wasn't going to have my evening spoilt by any unpleasantness.
 The man himself (we were only three rows back!!! )
Just to prove we were not alone!!!
Squeezed in a dinner/dance last Friday night at Carbis Bay, which was very enjoyable, though I have to confess to being too old to stay up til 2am these days and still be able to function properly the next day!!   Didn't get any pictures of that as it rained the whole time we were there.   
As far as training goes, I hit the 10 mile mark on the 11th Nov, very pleased about that, but have only managed 2 x 3 mile walks since, due to work etc.  :(  going again tomorrow, hopefully do abit more.
Right back to the card making for now, then maybe abit of John Nettles in Midsomers Murders before tea :)


  1. Wow that is busy. Lovely to hear it and what good seats :0)

  2. you lucky girls...those were super seats! Good luck to Amanda...Warwickshire is a lovely part of the country. Oxford's nice i'm there on Monday x

  3. Wow busy busy x do you take a breath lol x x

  4. It's nice to catch up with you and I always enjoy seeing your photos :) Keep up the good work on your training!


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