Wednesday, 7 November 2012

The MoonWalk London 2013

What a day of excitment, it is now 6.30pm and I think I am finally calming down!! I really cannot believe how excited I have been over my friend Sue and I both getting a place on the 2013 London Moonwalk - thanks to our darling husbands who sat at the computers waiting for registration to open at 9am (we were both at work!) and between them they got us registered - YES so so so happy. We've done the squealing down the phone at each other (Sue lives in Derby :( ) and are now planning our training programme and weekends together as well our bra design - the theme is Outer Space so a fair bit of scope to play with, even though there won't be a huge amount of surface area to decorate as neither of us have been that blessed in the bosom area - but who cares :) We had to come up with a team name as well and somehow, we ended up with Kernow Moomins!!! There were many variations before we settled on that :)
So now the serious training starts - maybe in the morning when we wake up the first thought on our minds will be "what on earth have we got ourselves into!!!!" but I am just as equally convinced that it will all be worth it :) 
Anyway here a video of stills from last years Moonwalk, just to give you an idea of how mad we are :)


  1. good new Karen and for a very worthy cause. Well done and good luck with your training x

  2. Sounds like fun, well done for getting a place. :)

  3. Looking forward to seeing photos of you both in your outfits :-) Diane

  4. Judging from the photos you are both going to have a blast!!!


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