Monday, 20 August 2012

26 wk challenge - from the hip

Ok so for the next two weeks the idea is to NOT look through the view finder or screen to take your photo, you will be photographing blind so to speak.  It takes abit of getting use to, think about the angle you are holding the camera at, otherwise you could end up with all ground shots!! Upload your favourite three by the 2nd Sept...... September already where has the year gone to!! Most of all enjoy.


  1. Well, this should be interesting to see! Will keep an eye out for your 'shots' then! I replied on your blog comment about Star Wars - I really don't think it's worth the trouble to come and see it - not much there, but we LOVE Star Wars too! x

  2. I've had a go at this. I haven't got anything worth showing yet, though. It's hard isn't it.

    I'll try again tomorrow ... and the next day .... and the next ....

  3. Janice - couldn't agree more this is going to be interesting, especially when see what I have taken so far!! x

    Eileen, yes it is hard, I have lots of out of focus shots that don't really resemble anything at all lol x


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