Sunday, 26 August 2012

Monthly photo - number 12

Well I can't believe another twelve months have gone by and my second photo a month has come to an end - where did that time go??? Scary.  So here is the last one

Admittedly this one was taken a few days late but taken this month. When I realised that this was going to be the last one I wondered whether to start another one or do something different for the next twelve months.  I have enjoyed doing the project again, though this spot wasn't really the spot I had intended, that is further up the road but to photograph that spot would mean a sure trip to A & E as it is a nasty stretch of road and claimed many a life.  Hence I settled for this safe spot.  I will during the next week, put the twelve photos together so that you can see them altogether.   Am I going to do another one...... yes of course I am and I have picked my spot, been watching it all year and it is a safe one.  Once again I shall do it on the same day of the month but this time I shall try and do it at the same time of day as well (which was a question asked of me during the last project)  I felt I wasn't able to due to work/shifts etc but thinking on it, the location is on the outskirts of the village so I can drive pass it each day and if I choose the morning then I should be able to achieve it. 


  1. I was not aware of this project of yours but it sounds very interesting! I would love to see them all together. I am thinking of embarking for the first time on a photo a day type project on the day of my birthday (which is very soon) with the help of my phone (but not eliminating the DSLR either)...

  2. Well done Karen, I think I'll join you. So its just to take an interesting place and take a photo on the same day and time each month? I'll have a look round for a suitable location and go for 1st September.

  3. Gosh has that been a year already....seriously where does the time go!! x

  4. Nathalie, I was doing the photo a day this year as well, but have to confess to falling by the way side since returning off holiday. I found I was just snapping something for the sake of getting a photo, some people get very stressed about it as well.

    Joy - the idea is to record how a scene changes over the course of a period of time, changes that we take for granted or just don't see.

    Louise - scary isn't it!!

  5. Great to hear you are going to continue with this project Karen.

  6. I am glad that you picked a safe place :-) Looking forward to seeing the pictures all together, also looking forward to the next project. Take care Diane


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