Sunday, 19 August 2012

26wk challenge - faces

Hands up I am doing a bit of a cheat on this one as I haven't managed to do much this last fortnight with camera or faces, well certainly not what I had in mind!!  So using some that were taken early this month.  The first one was taken on holiday in the evening sun hence the warm glow to the skin.  I just love the colouring and the look on Amanda's face even though the hair is blown across most of her face!!
 AV mode, ss 1/50, f5.6, ISO 100, ex comp +1 1/3, 50mm lens.

She has a new hat so it has to be worn and photographed.  I want to revisit this pose as I know what I want in my head but it didn't quite come off first time round, too much cheek showing.
 AV mode, ss 1/400, f2.5, ISO 200, ex comp +1/3, 50mm lens.

Just a different angle.
AV mode, ss 1/400, f 2.5, ISO 200,  ex comp +2/3 50mm lens.

Thank you to Louise and Eileen who have also joined in.


  1. i love these photos of Amanda. The first one has a gorgeous glow.

    Realised that i didn't put the camera setting in my post - sorry!

  2. Fun portraits Karen! My favorite is the last one! I like the contrast of colors and the tilt of the camera! Great angle on the subject too!

  3. Thank you Louise and Nathalie. LOL Louise, don't worry. xx


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