Friday, 6 July 2012

Someone's trying to pop my bubble!

I always make a note to thank my lucky stars over various things in our lives, good health, healthy children (who are actually pretty OK :) ), a roof over our heads, etc etc you know the kind of thing I mean.  I guess with the work I do it reminds me on a daily basis that there is always someone worse off and this makes me appreciate what I have all the more, but I am also aware the happy little bubble that I live in could go pop at any time and I think it could be about to start - nothing major in the ratings of live upsets - but enough to unsettle me abit.

My timesheet arrived as it always does yesterday, only this time it came with an A4 sheet of paper informing us that the council - my employers have sold us off to the private sector and by December we will shall no longer be employed by the council but by the Peninsula Community Health!!!!  It does say there will be consultations with staff prior to any decisions many times do we hear that??  The fact that they have a take over date makes me think the decision has already been made, so goodness knows where I shall be working come the end of the year or what I shall be doing .... I can but hope and pray they keep us as we are, doing the role that we do, though abit of long term care thrown in would be lovely - a nice balance.  So I guess it is a case of not getting too hung up on it all and cross each bridge as it comes... ho hum!!

On a brighter note for this week, we had an unexpected meet up with my brother and his family, they were staying at Salcombe so we all met up for a meal Monday evening. It was lovely to see them all and to see the girls getting on well with their male cousins. A firm promise to see each other again soon has been set and a plan for a large family get together somewhere half way has been set in motion ...... YES!!  I was going to post a photo of the cousins together but it is a dreadful photo and I am too embarrassed to post it!!

Last night Mick and I went for a walk around Polly Joke (poppy field) and we bumped into this little chap on the path, he wasn't bothered by us at all, in fact we began to wonder if he was deaf or an escapee pet rabbit.


  1. that's a little unsettling for you Karen, i'm sure though that it will all be ok. Cute photos x

  2. You never know, it may turn out better in some way or another.. and as for the rabbit we have loads around here but one in particular is very brave as he eats in our front garden. Joey eats several a day and we hold our breathe as front garden rabbit lives to eat another day.. sometimes Joey is asleep ten feet from him.. maybe he respects his cheek and boldness! Xx

  3. What great photos of that little bunny. I empathise with you regarding work, my hubby and I worked for the govt in the education sector and we heard those words time and time again - there will be consultation - I think they assume it will make staff feel like they had some sort of say in the decisions that have already been made. I don't think they should even bother with consultation, it's a waste of time. Good luck with whatever happens with work.

  4. We are going through a similar thing to become an academy where our pay and conditions could change at any time once it has gone through. The public sector is not the best place to be at the moment. Hope everything goes OK x

  5. Thanks everyone, I'm sure it will all be OK in the end, I do feel abit unsettled but mainly due to the fact that I am just so happy doing what I do - even my team leaders think I am odd as I don't have any complaints lol - but compared to my previous job this is just so enjoyable and stress free!! Still as I always say - what will be will be, or as my daughter says "deal with it!" OK lol.x

  6. Take over was why N left work early and retired a year before he was due. His firm was taken over by Americans and there were so many ridiculous changes that he could not stand to work there any more.... Hope all goes well for you. Diane


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