Wednesday, 27 June 2012

So what have I been up to


As I said in my earlier post I have been rather busy lately so I thought I would fill you in on what I have been up to. 

Work goes on as normal apart from the fact that we do seem to be getting busier which is nice and I can't complain too much except when I end up doing 60 odd miles during a shift and I haven't actually gone further than 12 miles from my front door!!!  That is the tiring part of the job but also the nature of the job - so hey ho!!  Bernadette arrived home on the 17th for the summer, I/we could not believe the amount of stuff she has managed to collect over the last 9 months.  It is good to have her home and house feels complete again though an odd feeling is starting to creep in on me as Amanda is busy looking at Uni's now and this time next year we could be looking at Amanda  moving away as well!!!  Which means come the Sept it could be just Mick and I here :( - scary!

There was stuff in the hall as well.

As mentioned in my previous post re the camera club exhibition - I was organising this through a local garden, they gave us free entry for a year to photograph the gardens, then we put on an exhibition and they have use of the photos taken for their publicity material.  It has been a great experience but sorting out the images and how to display them was at times hard going and I found myself wondering why I was bothering, but now that it is up I am very happy with it all - just hope everyone else is.  I have already been asked what our next project will be!!!

I managed a meet up with Yvonne last week and the plan was to go to some churches and playgrounds to take photos for a our personal projects that we are doing, well we did Probus church and playground then the tummies rumbled so we hit Trewithen Gardens for lunch then the rain came down so we came back here for tea :) .  The evening was spent with a number of camera club members and a very knowledgable and talented photographer who teaches at the local college, who has agreed to do some sessions with those that are interested in creating a new learning group so to speak.  So all in all Thurs last week was a very good day.

View from Probus church yard.  I just love all the shades of green,

Saturday it was work then off to Looe for a family birthday celebration and to start my new knitting project :) - just as well I took it as yet again I needed my sil to held me get started on the pattern lol.  Whilst there I had a phone call from one of my cousin's saying that he and his wife were down in Looe for a couple of weeks and would like to meet up.  Just to explain, I am originally from Yorkshire and all my cousin's on my mum's side are still up there, as is one of my brothers and the other is in Lincolnshire, so I don't actually get to see any of my family from one year to the next - apart from at funerals!  So it was wonderful to hear from Howard and we all met up Monday evening for a meal and catch up - LOVELY is was.  Can you believe I actually forgot to take a photo, so annoyed with myself as well.

Walnut and Strawberry cake B made for the birthday party.

After work on Sunday in the evening  I decided to head over to Newquay in search of a sunset and a field of poppies I had heard about.  No one wanted to come with me so off I went.  As I parked the car another car pulled up and it happened to be one of the girls from camera club who had had the same idea!!!  So we set off together, evetually after asking several people re the poppies we found a local who pointed us in the right direction, so back in the cars and a mad dash to the new location, and hey presto we found it.

We did divert into the pub on the way back to the car for a quick drink before heading home - at 10.40pm!!.  Another good end to a day.  Apart from getting told off by B for being so late home and not ringing them!!!  Who's the mother here eh??

Then yesterday after work it was over to Pine Lodge to set up the exhibition and now it is day off and catch up on here. Phew!!


  1. Sounds like you have been busy! The field of poppies is so gorgeous x

  2. Must be good to have Bernadette home. Love all these photos and yes I also love all those shades of green. Take care Diane

  3. The last photo is beautiful! Enjoy the time you have with your daughter this summer!

  4. Wow, I'm quite worn out just reading how busy you've been.
    Loving the poppy/suset picture.
    Joy xx

  5. Hi there - I can see why you want to find that field - nice shot!

    And I actually thought it was illegal to leave the pub before 11:40!

    Cheers - Stewart M

  6. Wow, I love your photo of the poppy field :) oh and when I came home from uni after just one term there I'd gained the same amount of stuff as B! The pile will just keep on growing!!!

  7. busy but happy time for you. love and hugs yvonne

  8. Oh yes I can believe how much she has accumulated, been there done that! Goodness you will be empty nesters before you know it, enjoy having them around this summer and do not worry about blogging! I love the field of poppies.

  9. I love that poppy field, we passed some on the way to Dover but I only got a picture from the van! I missed this post before.. laughing now at you being reprimanded for being out late! I was laughing too as the thumbnail pic for your uniform picture in the last post looked like a pair of underpants on the small screen of my phone!! Xx

  10. ooh, pretty poppies. Well done for tracking them down!


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