Saturday, 7 July 2012

Greenhouse lovelies

Well the horrendous weather that we were forecast today did not arrive, in fact it turned out to be a really nice day, washing on the line and time in the garden - which was very much overdue.  The awful weather we have had has just about destroyed my pots as the rain has battered the flowers to pieces, so lots soggy dead heading and finally getting the last of the plants out of the greenhouse and  into the garden.  I was delighted to see these little beauties growing away in the greenhouse

We bought the plant last year from Morrisons and actually had fruit on it last summer - they may be small but boy they are so sweet and delicious, hence I am delighted to see so many bunches on it again this year. 

 As always there are plenty of tomatoes growing,  I would hate to think how many tomatoes I get through in a year let alone how much it costs me.  Even worse now the girls have developed a taste for them!!  Not complaining as it could be a lot worse! 

One of the poppies that I sprinkled around the garden earlier this year.  I couldn't get a really good shot as the wind had got up by the time I took this - in fact I was amazed it was still holding on to it's petals, bet they will be gone by the morning. :(


  1. I love all three of those pictures.. home grown grapes and tomatoes remind me of my childhood, the grapes had been left to go by then, never thinned out and story has it the dogs used to eat them as the hung down so heavily....and the smell of greenhouse tomatoes...mmm.. and the poppy seems prolific this year..must sprinkle some wildflower seeds down our field.. x

  2. You were lucky with the weather then, yesterday, we had heavy rain all day long, but forecast to be better today. I've bought some of my outdoor tomatoes back into the greenhouse as its just been too cold for them.


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