Monday, 30 July 2012

I'm back !!

Well it seems like an age since I posted on here - probably because it is, two weeks away soaking up the sun was lovely to say the least, just what the doc ordered :) we had a very nice time and have all come back refreshed, though Rhodes is not a place I would go to again or recommend.  I'm sure it was a beautiful place at one time but the recession has really taken it's toll.

Anyway as usual I am playing catch up on here, so here are my three images for the 26wk challenge - movement.  There were some kite surfers on the beach where we were staying who provided me with plenty of photographic opportunities.

The next challenge theme which started last week is people.


  1. Welcome back! I needed those pictures one day a while back for my 'airborne photo prompt! Luckily today's word is 'dive' ! Hope being home isn't too hard to settle back in.. catch up soon.. x

  2. Hi Karen, these are brilliant! Well done. You've really captured the atmosphere and the movement in this set of photos. I think you're awfully brave taking your camera on the beach because I know I'd drop it if I tried anything like that!

    My favourite is the first one - everything works for me, composition, I like the positioning of the horizon, the colours, great exposure - just everything!

    I've posted mine now, sorry they are so late.

  3. Glad you are back. Wow these are great action shots. Have a good day. Diane

  4. Thank you ladies, it is nice to be back to be honest. :) xx


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