Sunday, 5 August 2012

26 wk challenge + monthly photo

Still playing catch up on here and in real life to be honest.  Having spent five days sat in a class room learning about 'strokes' - which I have to say has been absolutely brilliant and extremely interesting but at the same time totally exhausting.  I am just not use to having to focus on anything for any length of time.  Thankfully I was not alone, all ten of us felt the same, even the instructors agreed it is an awful lot of information to take in over the course of a week.  Next week we are on the ward so hopefully be able to see it all being put into practice and put it into practice ourselves.  I think this is the first part of our transfer to the private sector - rumour has it that we will become part of the Early Discharge Support Team - which I can only view as a positive and exciting change (no point viewing it any other way as it is going to happen so may as well be positive about it - makes life much easier!)

Anyway I digress - a quick walk down the beach yesterday provided me with these photos for the latest challenge.  Not very exciting, all taken with my compact so it was pot luck generally as all I could see in the back screen was me!!  (why I hate using a compact!) 

 Getting ready for a sprint across the beach.

                                                                    Taking a breather.

Just lying back and enjoying the sun.

Have to say the second is my favourite, just love the wind in the dog's coat.

The next two weeks the theme is faces. 


Running late on this as well, I took it the day we went away which was the 11th July,

So typical - the summer arrives and so do the roadworks!!


  1. you had captured the mood in each photo so well. Love the second one too. Will be posting mine later xx

  2. Just being lazy on the beach sounds good to me. Take care Diane

  3. I like the second one as well.

    Did you make a conscious decision to photograph all the people from behind or is that just a coincidence? I only ask because I have to do a set of photos of people for the course and am well out of my comfort zone with it.

  4. I have not been real good with the challenges but that doesn't stop me from enjoying your photos! I love the second one not only for the movement brought on by the breeze but also the contrast of the grass and the water. Well done!

  5. Thank you everyone.

    Eileen, I don't feel at all comfortable taking photos of strangers hence the back views. ;)

  6. Interesting comments about Greece, you are not the first person I have heard this from recently. It is so very sad as they do depend heavily on tourism. I admire you studying especially during the summer.


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