Tuesday, 10 July 2012

26 wk photo challenge - movement

The next theme in the 26 wk challenge is to photograph some movement, experiment with  using a mixture of slow and fast shutter speeds to freeze the movement or to blur it, you could even try panning, (focus on your moving subject and move the camera with it, to create a blurred background but your subject in focus).  Upload your images by the 22nd July.  Mine will be late as I shall be on holiday til the end of that week.  Have fun. :)

Here is one using a slow shutter speed on a rainy day, taken from inside the car,

Manual exposure, ss 0.3, f11, IS0 200, 90mm lens.


  1. Hi there - that really does have some movement in it. I put up a similar one last week of a train.

    We have been away in North Queensland for a week – hence the silence on the replies! A rather wet week was had by all (but not wet by current UK standards!)- but I did see some good stuff; pictures to follow. No decent internet access, so I just stopped looking for a week – now I’m catching up!

    Stewart M – Australia

  2. that's a great snap. I love your barbie pics too - it has 'english summer stamped all over it!

  3. I hope you are having a wonderful holiday.


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