Sunday, 8 July 2012

26wk challenge - photograph an event

Well it has been a bit of a wash out for me with this challenge as the events I had in mind were cancelled due to the weather, so by this morning I had nothing until B convinced us to go for a bbq on the beach this evening - so that became my event - our first bbq of the 2012.  The sun wasn't actually shining, well it wasn't shining at all to be honest, but it wasn't cold either although rather windy, so off we set.  We chose West Portholland as there would be some shelter there from the rocks.

 Mick lighting the bbq's after I had failed miserably to even light a match!!!

 Sizzling away.

 A very rare photo of B and Mick looking at the camera, A gone shy & Mael pretending he didn't know I was taking a pic!

Our bbq view, the tide came in very quickly, thankfully we didn't get wet :)
All in all a very enjoyable evening, lots of laughter and lovely food, all prepared by B - thank you darling.  Then to round the evening off I have just had a phone call from my eldest brother saying he and his wife are coming down in September!!  It really will have been a year for seeing my family, can't moan any more can I??


  1. Well we must be grateful for less rain.. and imagine what you will be doing next Sunday evening! .. Bottle tomorrow night.. M&D back tea time... but then Kate to fetch so it's Tuesday we will be in bed at nine!!! :-) :-) poor Col away Weds then .. hard life!! Xx

  2. Great Photos Karen, I love the one of the family all together. Love and Hugs Yvonne

  3. BBQ on the beach - I think you've captured it well in your photos. Really like the first one - reminds me of our past BBQs and failures to light the blooming thing!

  4. A picnic is a great event! I love to have them too and on the beach is even better! :)

  5. Nice day for a bbq!! Looks like ya'll had fun.


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