Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Major catch up

Well I am soooo far behind with posting things on here I don't know where to start - excuses, just not had a minute to stop and sit at the computer to look at the images I have taken over the last week and a half, in fact they are uploading as I speak, first ones up were taken on the 17th June!!  That is the only excuse - two days off now so hopefully will get caught up.

First catch has to be the weekly challenge, 'choose a colour'  I chose blue as that is my all time favourite this is what I came up with.  Louise's and Yvonne's lovely images can be seen on their blogs.

This is half of me in uniform ready for work (well nearly - no socks!) just my shades as well :)

this was taken on the 19th June it was beautiful, think that was the last time we saw a blue sky!!
and the last one is the final display of photographes that is the current St Austell Camera Club exhibition being held at Pine Lodge Gardens in St Austell. At times it has been a bit of a nightmare for me (one of my ideas, seemed a good one at the time!!) but I am very pleased to say it all came together in the end and it opens to the public today until the 20th July.  Personally I think the blue boards set the whole thing off beautifully.

All photos taken with my compact.

The next photo challenge is to 'photograph an event - capture the atmosphere'........hmm not sure what is going on around here this next couple of weeks, shall have to have a look!!  Have fun and upload by the 9th July - ooh two days before I go on holiday :)

Loads more catching up to do but will do that later today - hopefully.


  1. Blue is also my favourite colour Karen, love the blue sky and the display boards, and how lucky that your work uniform is also in your favourite colour. Good luck when your exhibition opens to the public, wish I could see it, but its rather too far for a day out from Wiltshire :-(

  2. The exihbition is looking good so well done xx

    Love the blue pictures, I just think you could have painted your nails to match LOL x
    Love and Hugs

  3. oooh i wish i could have a wander around those display boards xx

  4. You always manage to surpise me with your photos and this group wasn't what I was expecting at all. Like Louise, I'd love to see the display boards close up and agree with Yvonne that blue nails would have added the finishing touch to your uniform. However, my favourite has to be the blue sky - absolutely beautiful.


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