Friday, 11 May 2012


Not many of these this week, ran out of time a couple of days with work and horrid weather.  Plus been using film.

 Bird of paradise flower.

 Truro viaduct.

 Some light pulls for sale in the farm shop.

Playing with lighting and an apple

Chasing the moon Sunday evening, this is all I found as it came up then vanished behind clouds!


  1. Morning Karen Hope you had a lovley birthday yesterday xx
    will you be sharing your film experience with us - would love to know how you got on.

    Great photos I do like the apple one xx

  2. Hi there - like the way the apple and the moon are the same colour.


    Thanks for the visit and comment.

    Stewart M

  3. Happy Birthday!! I tried to comment yesterday but the tablet was acting up.. made me need a tablet!!
    Hope oyu did some nice things, just for you.
    I like the apple and the moon similarity too, but the light pulls one is very evocative.. xxx


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