Sunday, 13 May 2012

26 wk challenge - unseen perspective.

Looking at the ordinary from a different angle was the challenge for the last two weeks.  This is what Joy and Louise found and below is what I came up with.

Taken at Pendower beach, squatting down by the water's edge and having the camera almost sitting on the sand as the waves roll in, yes I did manage to keep the camera dry but can't say the same for my bottom!!!

 AV mode, ss 1/100, f16, ISO 100, 18-55mm lens

The next two are from Lydford Gorge where Mick and I went on Friday for my birthday outing.  It was a beautiful day, Mick went fishing first thing in the morning and came home with 15 mackeral (not bad for two hours!) then we set off to Lydford.  We hadn't been before and wondered why, we did the 3 mile circular walk that ran alongside the gorge and it was just stunning.  As you can see I found myself looking up a lot of the time due to the height of the trees and everything seems so much greener that day, spring has definitely arrived :) so felt these fitted into the challenge perfectly.

 Av mode, ss 1/200, f18, ISO 250, 10-20mm lens.

Lately I have been noticing the colour of the sky against the new green growth and just love the contrast - which is what I was trying to show with this one, as well as the height.
AV mode, ss 1/1250m f7.1, ISO 250, ex comp, -2/3, 10-20mm lens.

We then came home for fresh mackeral and chips for tea - perfect end to a perfect day :) 
Thank you for looking


  1. fantastic photos Karen. next time i'm at the beach i'll be trying out your top photo.

    One thing i forgot this week is that you suggested a high f-stop like in your top two photos. I must rememeber this for next time xx

  2. thanks Louise, any consolation I forgot about the f stop as well lol - oops. xx

  3. Karen, I really your perspective on these :) I can't decide which one of the first and last I like best. The water's edge has great movement and unconsciously lifted my neck while looking at the last one :) The blue of the sky against the green of trees is one of my favorite contrast too!

  4. I love all three of your photos, but I've always been drawn by the contrast of blue sky against new spring growth, so I pick the third as my favourite.
    I am still shying away from using anything other than the P setting on my camera, and trying, instead, to concentrate on the composition of the subject. I know I should be able to get my head around the other stuff, but every time I try my pictures dont seem to be as good as the ones the camera takes when left to its own devices!

  5. Lovely! Looks like you had a good birthday, just reaxing, photography and food.. oh Mick too of course! As ever love the sea side pic x

  6. I love them all, Karen. I can't choose between them. Well done.

  7. Thank you everyone, greatly appreciated.

  8. Gorgeous, a belated Happy Birthday from another May girl! Thanks for your recent comment about the wisteria. My computer problems are still not fully resolved!


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