Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Four days into it and

..... not so good, on hindsight I shouldn't of started this diet on Friday as Sat was the first of my four earlies which always do me in - I can't face breakfast at 6am, so have eaten my lunch by 10am and by the time I get home at 2pm I am wasting away (well my head thinks I am!) so anything is eaten!!  Then Mick comes home with this for me!!!

 It is like a cue, I say I'm cutting down he buys me chocolate!! (ungrateful soul that I am). No exercise done what so ever, chips, choc and the dreaded BREAD have all passed my lips, though I have made the point of really tasting them and enjoying them - which is good :) - always look for the positive.
No more earlies for seven days so the plan is to get right back on track big time - before I hit the slope again and when I do I might be able to deal with it better.  So up early this morning two lots of ten minute work outs done and two poached eggs with the last small piece of french stick for breakfast, with the hope that will suffice me until lunch time!!!
This is the exercise plan I am hoping going to follow  my girlies did this bikini plan last year and I have to say it did make a big difference to them and quickly, not that they really needed to but you know what young girls are like, they certainly felt better for it and it did their confidence the world of good so that can't be bad.  Admittedly they do have more much more will power than me.  I have no ambitions to be as slim as these two in the video(those days are looonnnggg gone) but I know I can be trimmer and if they can help I'm happy, plus it is only ten minutes and not too bad!

Ten minutes meditaion done as well, so feeling good.  Lets hope I can keep on track now, thanks Kathi for saving me from the pecan pie yesterday!!!  I said this was going to hard.  Oh I will confess now to scampi and chips for tea tomorrow evening - charity bowling night and it is tea in a basket, chips compulsory, admittedly I could give them to Mick or someone else but I would hate the feeling of guilt knowing that I had increased their weight, colestorol or whatever, so I shall just grin and bare it for an evening and be good all day :)!!


  1. Good Luck with it -I have no will power at all at the moment and the toblerone looks delicious :0)

  2. glad you are not being to hard on yourself, it is all about balance, but I am sure thinking about what you eat and writing it down does help. scampi and chips is fine as long as you are careful the rest of the day.xx

  3. Oohh, just took a peek at the link, saw how slim they were, and went straight to the cheese and crackers in the fridge!!! I've no chance and no will power, although my poor suffering body wishes I had!! :-)

  4. good luck I know how tough it is....and then they bring home chocolate!! lol!! Colin would do that!! x


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