Wednesday, 25 April 2012


I learnt to knit at a very early age, thanks to my granny and mum.  I haven't really done much knitting since the girls refused to wear knitted items any more and we don't have a regular supply of babies being born in the family.  Anyway the time I do knit is when we are doing long car journey's, it helps to keep me awake and stop me from being sick!!! Anyway approximately three to four years ago I started a cardigan and completed it, once sown up I realised the sleeves were about 6" too long, so it got put in the bag awaiting alteration.  After that I did a top and when I came to sew that up last year I discovered I had knitted two right sides!!! That went in the bag awaiting alteration.  Don't know why but around Nov last year  I got the bug again to knit, but I promised myself I would sort out the two alterations first and guess what I have da da!! So pleased wit myself, the red one just needs buttons,

The blue one is ready to wear

and this is my new project

and this is just another photo of the wool because I love it, the wool that is.


  1. Bravo for reaching completion on those two projects!! I love the aqua top and I wish I could knit! I would make lots and lots of scarves :)

  2. Karen I hate knitting, I will sit and crochet all day but to knit..... Well done on these items. Diane

  3. such lovely colours and so satisfying finishing things that have been left for a while. xx

  4. Well done, I started a little cardigan for my daughter when she was 3 years old and I only have about 2 inches to complete it, she's now 34 years old and hasn't had girl babies only boys.

  5. i'm with Diane - can knit but don't like all!! there's something I love.

    You are good though for re-visting those items...i'm not sure i would have done. You must be feeling very satisfied with yourself. Lovely colours and patterns too xx


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