Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Run completed

Sunday finally arrived and what an odd day it turned out to be.  I surfaced casually and excited about the impending 10K run to find Bernadette already up and dressed to go - very eager.  I casually came on here for my morning fix and was deciding what to have for breakfast just to discover I had forgotten to move the clocks forward and it is 8.03am not 7.03am, we had to be out of the house by 8.30am, I'm in pj's, Mick is still snoring and I am hungry, not even had my hot water!!  Not a good start.  So mad panic follows for the next 27mins some how we made it, leaving Amanda at home to cycle to work.  The run was due to start at 10am ...... after four trips to the delightful portaloos and a fair bit of hanging around we finally got going at 10.45am.  Me being me,  never thought about the wind aspect when running along side a runaway - it doesn't half whip down there, it was like resistance running.  Eventually approximately 2.5K later we turned round and the wind was behind us which was lovely.  We did really well and didn't stop - other than for B to retie her shoe lace - until we reached  a hill (I just don't do hills - abit ironic considering where we live!)  that was nearly 4K into the run.   I totally confess to struggling with the last 2K, purely due to the knees and the fact that just after we started I literally felt my calf go 'ping' and I knew something was not good, but was not going to give in until I really had to!!!  I can hear so many saying stupid girl - yep that is me!  Still we did it, it was good, I was amazed to discover how good my breathing is when running (my lungs are obviously the fittest part of me!) as I didn't really feel out of breath at all, maybe the pain shoooting through my leg was a good distraction LOL.  Bernadette is hooked and looking for the next run - think it could be a 10mile one (this was  6 miles), so I best get this leg sorted and back into training.  When we finished we queued for our free leg massage, the guy I had kindly informed me I had torned my calf muscle, thankfully not a big tear but a tear nevertheless and needed to ice pack it asap.  So my afternoon was spend hobbling around and ice packing and feeling sorry for myself - my own fault - I will learn - one day!!
The downer to the day was returning to the car to find the bloke who had parked next to us upon our arrival had put a huge dent in the front passenger door, which will cost around £800 - £900 to repair - Mick was not a happy chappie, which I can't blame him. :(  Then when home we get a phone call from Amanda asking if she could be picked up from work, as she fell off her bike on the way to work and landed on her operated knee and cut her elbow up - thankfully the knee appears to be only bruised and she is OK, the alternative does not bare thinking about!!!!
In fact I had to smile in the afternoon at one point, as Bernadette was shattered and lying on the sofa, Amanda winching in discomfort with knee and arm and myself sat on the other sofa with ice pack on said calf and Mick cooking tea and looking after us all - bless him. He is soooo good.  That must be a first.

The best bit of all though is we raised a huge £230 for the Cornwall Air Ambulance - THANK YOU to everyone who sponsored us and have supported us throughout the training, it has helped so much.  And that is the reason I was NOT going to give up when running because of the amount people had given so vey generously. 

Anyway here is one of the photos Mick took for us, prior to the run.

 For some reason the ones of us running are refusing to upload so once I can work out was is wrong I shall add them :) in the mean time here are some fil took,

 just to prove we did go over the finishing line. :D


  1. Well done Karen.. and I love the imagery of you three girlies all laid up and Mick cooking.. get that barBQ out, it's the only way I get the men cooking here.. come to us for one soon.. x

  2. wow Karen - even with your painful calf it sounds like you enjoyed the experience. Well done xx


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