Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Ever felt ripped off?

You may remember this post I wrote back in Dec re my new running shoes.  Well for the last few weeks my legs/knee have been suffering and last week I began to wonder if it was my trainers.  So I popped into a specialist running shop and explained everything to the owner (who had been recommended by a couple of runners). He booked me in for a gait test on the Friday.  So in I go armed with my trainers and I am put through this test of running on the tread mill and being videoed.  The result was he says I have a very good case to go back to the first shop and complain as not only were the shoes sold to me NOT running shoes but the wrong size as well hence the pain I have developed in legs, knee and hip!!!!  The end result of this is

my new running shoes that feel like a pair of slippers ( should do at the blooming price!! - no I haven't confessed that to anyone .... yet - not even Mick).  The nice chap assured me that I will be able to do the run on Sunday though the legs will take a couple of weeks to recover and get back into a normal running position and that I will be able to do a half marathon by May next year!!
Guess I am just one of those people that shop assistants see coming, too trusting!!


  1. They are the same make as mine and mine felt like slippers as well xx
    Good luck with the run xx

  2. Shops will sell you anything if they get 1/2 a chance. Hope the new shoes do you well. They need to by the sound of it!!! Diane

  3. Well.. was the shop in Helston?.. Col took JB there, then we took her to physio after her video, they really were brilliant and she got sorted with her knees and stuff.. mind you, she could now do with a recap on her exercises..! Good luck.. better late than never I guess xx

  4. Oh no, I hope you do take them back and get a good result. Tell them you blog and have already posted a photo!


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