Wednesday, 28 March 2012

366 project

Some of last week's daily photo's.  I know they should be in b&w to go with the 26 wk challenge, but these were taken with my compact which doesn't do b&w.

Bernadette waiting in the queue to register for the run.

Cup Cake display at the the Ovarian Cancer Cupcake Tea Sale that a friend held in the village, £295.80 was raised for this very good cause, one that I feel gets over looked abit.  Guess this one is close to my heart as the friend who organised it lost her 18yr old daughter to it and I lost mum to it.

Moving swiftly on, this next image is actually tulip stems, messed about with in photoshop, just something different.

Amanda came home from the UCAS day last Tues with a bag full of uni prospectus's for us to wade through and short list to 5!!

Talking above of b&w images, the current challenge in the 26 wk challenge is to only photograph in b&w.  Started this last Monday and I was surprised at how hard I have been finding this.  Especially as the weather has been gorgeous and the colours of nature so beautiful trying to capture that in b&w it seems very odd. So hand on heart I have been taking both, it would be better if I just set the camera to b&w and then turned the LCD screen off, then I would just take the photo and not immediately look at the screen - did you know the act of taking an image and then immediately looking at the screen is known as "chimping" lol -  I do a lot of chimping


  1. Yes, I chimp too, have to though cos if the shot isn't right you can take it again.
    My friend's son enjoyed Winchester, and my two have enjoyed Bristol UWE and Bournemouth. What does she want to study?

  2. Have fun helping your daughter pick her uni's. Our eldest ended up going to Scotland, St Andrews and absolutely loved it. I noticed the brochure for Exeter I think that was on her list as well.

  3. I chimp all the time!! lol! lovely photos Karen especially like the tulips stems.


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