Monday, 19 March 2012

366 project

Some of last week's images

 Amanda very kindly agreed to model for myself and a friend so we could do some slow shutter speed shots, the idea was to blur the motion of the sea with a Amanda sitting still.  Happy with this but need to practice more.
 Statue Boy in Truro, fascinating the public.

On my way home from work yesterday afternoon.


  1. All great photos. It amazes me how those statue people manage to hold still for so long. It would be impossible for me! Diane

  2. Well done with your experimenting, they all look like you got the results you wanted to me.

  3. these are lovely Karen and how lovely that Amanda posed for you - my three wouldn't sit still long enough for me to practice. I like how you've captured the sea and hope to see more x

  4. Thank you all. Diane they fascinate me as well. We have a young girl and boy (17/18yrs old) in Truro who do it as their main job and they are fantastic. x


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