Sunday, 18 March 2012

26wk Photo Challenge - Shapes

The last theme was to photograph shapes, be it in nature or man made.  Here are my three offerings.

 Love the shapes created by the hyacinth coming into bud.
  (AV mode, 90mm, ss1/160, f4.5, ex comp -1, ISO 100)

(AV mode, 90mm, ss 1/125, f4, ISO 200)

(AV mode, ss 1/250, f5, ISO 200)
As for my favourite I am torn between the wheelbarrow and the hyacinth.

The next challenge is to set your camera to black and white (most cameras will allow you to only take b&w images have a look in your manual)  and only take black and white images for the next fortnight.  So when composing you shot look for tones, contrast, shadows, textures etc.  All these will make a b&w image much more interesting.


  1. the hyacinth for me Karen. Love how you have captured the shape.

  2. Good examples for your challenge, love the first one of the hyacinth!

  3. Hi Karen, my favourite is the second one - love the texture. The hyacinth is very well seen - I like the way you are looking down on the subject.

  4. My favorite is the last one, I just adore wheelbarrows and how they look when upside down. The picture of the wood and the plant are equally as good.
    Love and Hugs


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