Sunday, 18 March 2012

A nice day out.

Mick is using his annual leave up for the next two weeks, unfortunately I couldn't get the same time off, so we planned that on my days off we would go out somewhere different each time and work our way through our places to visit list. So last Wednesday we started off with a walk up Rough Tor (pronounced router!) it was very misty when we got there in fact we couldn't even see the top of the Tor!! nevertheless we set off with a head on wind which was biting. 

This was the view when we reached the top, still very misty so we have planned another trip there on a sunny day so we can really appreciate the view.

By the time we had walked back down the mist had cleared and the sun was out and this is where we had been.  The little dot on the left hand side of the pic half way up is a person!

After our picnic in the car we headed for Port Issac -  of 'Doc Martin' fame. I have never been before and it is a lovely little fishing village with some gorgeous cornish cottages.  To be honest I would not like to be there in the summer as I bet you wouldn't be able to move for people.

A number fishing boats had gone out but this one was still in and Mick fell in love with it, it did look nice and I know nothing about fishing boats!

I couldn't resist the patterns in the sand, they looked like trees to me (or shapes that could fit in with the photo challege theme!!)

and last but not least it would not have been right to visit Port Issac and not take a photo of Doc Martin's surgery would it now!!  So for all you fan's there it is, did we see the man himself?  No, but I have to confess to literally bumping into him years ago in Littlewoods restaurant in Truro (now Bhs) and all I can say is he is VERY TALL!!  and very pleasant especially as I was carrying knives and forks which ended squashed between us!!

On Thursday we had lunch at Fifteen Cornwall, (Jamie Oliver's) they were doing an offer of a three course meal for £20 each, so as a special treat we went (birthday's, anniversaries etc etc!!).  It was stunning the food was gorgeous and we had a sea view even though it was misty again, we could just make out the surfers.  I'm not one for taking photos of food in restaurants, but I could not resist taking this one of my dessert - it was just so pretty I didn't want to eat it.

and it tasted as good as it looks.


  1. we have that shot in Port Isaac of Doc Martin's house!! Lovely place. That's a fabulous sand pattern photo, and love the one of the seagull on the thingy rope with the boat.

    Thanks for you nice comment on my blog about Oliver.

  2. these are gorgeous photos Karen - shame about the mist in your landscapes, although it gives them a mysterious feel.

    The sand photo is brilliant the patterns do look like trees.

    But my favourite is dessert. The photo is fantastic, you should take photos of food more looks mouthwatering, i am wondering though what the pink sticks were? xx

  3. Lovely pics Karen, well done for using the days to their best advantage, we're hoping to get the boat in the water for May when Zac gets back so we can max the benefits. Love the sand effects..x
    And how bad am I, never been to loads of traditional Cornish places, tend to revisit the favourites.. should change that! X

  4. I love taking photos of food in restaurants. These photos are all so pretty.
    The sand picture is amazing, you could frame it.

  5. thank you everyone. Louise the pink sticks are rhubarb :) xx

    Kathi it is good fun exploring the never been to places on our door step.xx


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