Tuesday, 7 February 2012


Last week I had two surprises which I thought I would share. Thurs there was a knock on my door and I found an elderly gentleman standing there saying  he had got his car stuck down the lane and needed to get home to ring his son but couldn't walk any further due to illness. So I popped him in the car and down to his home and never really thought any more of it.  When I got in from work on Saturday, I find his son had been round with this gorgeous Posy in a Jam Jar to say thank you.

I was absolutely bowled over, it is so sweet and thoughtful, (and such a simply idea - so saving jam jars now!!)

My other surprise was this wonderful book. 

When I turned up at camera club last week one of the ladies said "I have a present for you" and gave me the book.  Have to be honest and say I was very confused at the time as we were on the door taking money and thought it was on loan as I couldn't understand why she would give me a present.  Well I met up with her yesterday and no it isn't on loan, she gave it to me as she knows I appreciate books like she does and I love gardens!!!  How sweet is that, I just feel totally overwhelmed and very lucky.


  1. It just goes to show - you do things to help and somewhere people appreciate and respond. What a good feeling and the jam jar is lovely :0)

  2. Isn't it nice when people just do things for the sake of it!!

  3. Lucky lady but it shows a good turn pays off :) Diane

  4. awww how lovely.

    I imagine the man and his son was thankful he knocked on your door x

  5. I love the jam jar Idea, and Karen you are such a lovely person you deserve nice the things to happen to you x

  6. What lovely gestures, restores ones faith in human nature.

  7. Ah thank you everyone for such nice comments. :) x


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