Sunday, 12 February 2012


Another week gone by in a blur, really wish I could find the slow down switch to life!  It has been a week of car repairs for us.  My Scenic has been playing up for a few weeks now and Mick has been trying to work out what the problem was, the mpg was decreasing every time I drove it (which is every day!!) anyway after racking his and his dad's brains and abit of googling he narrowed it down to two possibilities.  The first one didn't work but thankfully the second one did and on it's test drive the mpg went from 44.3 to 50.3 - so as you can imagine I shall be a very happy lassie from now on and so will my purse, not so many trips to the petrol station in the future.

My Anemones are opening now so naturally had to take the odd photo or two and share them with you.

AV mode, ss 1/25, f22, 90mm, exp comp -1/3, ISO 100
AV mode, ss 1/6, f8, exp comp -1/3, ISO 100, 90mm
Av mode, ss 1/4, f8, exp comp -1, ISO 100
AV mode,  ss 0.5, f7.1, exp comp +2, ISO 100


  1. They are beautiful. Not a flower in sight here - we have been snowed in for the past week! Diane

  2. Diane -Thank you, still no snow for us in Cornwall, sunshine today :)

  3. they are beautiful shots. Love the rainbow one in an earlier post too. You make my snaps look positively Fisher Price!!

  4. I think you are doing it on purpose to prove my 'not so keen on flower pics' comment a travesty. know I love anemones and the pics are Fab! Know what you mean about the slow button, that's why blogging is good, at least we note even the mundane things and can see what we did that month or week which seemed to speed by!

  5. amazing pics Karen - from looking at your camera settings and the photos you can really see the difference. Very rarely do I use f22..must make a note to practice with higher fstop numbers more xx

  6. Wonderful pics and great news about the car xx

  7. These are lovely. They've inspired me to keep trying. Thanks Karen

  8. Hi there - I had to have a bit of a smile at the improvement in my MIL's health over your two comments!

    Hope all is well - I know it has been cold in the UK - but I assume you have missed the worst of it.

    Cheers - Stewart M


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