Sunday, 5 February 2012

26wk Photo Challenge - Zoom Burst

Zoom burst is a fun technique that takes alittle bit of practise and has interesting results (well I think so anyway), so that has been the theme for the last two weeks and here are my offerings, feel free to critique them constructively.  See Yvonne's, Louise's and Jo's images from this theme.

First three taken whilst at the Eden Project,
 AV Mode, ss0.4, f36, ex comp +1 1/3, ISO 100, SOOC

    AV mode, ss 0.3, f22, exp comp +1 1/3, ISo 100, slight crop and tweak with levels.
This one is my favourite, just love the colours and patterns created.

AV mode, ss 1/6, f22, exp comp +1 1/3, ISO 100, SOOC

Here is Yvonne taking her photos as well.  (note the black dot on the bottom left, that is alittle insect that somehow got inside my camera, we could see him walking around when looking through the view finder!!)  Didn't notice him on the photo until now)

AV mode, ss1/4, f5.6, ISO 200, SOOC
This is a 'Jam Jar Posy' that was given to me yesterday, will explain more in another post.

As of tomorrow the theme is 'water droplets'.  So that can be any kind of water droplets, from droplets on plants, splashing into water, reflections in water droplets I look forward to seeing the different takes on this theme.


  1. I like the first one with the orange centre, but also the one of Yvonne ( interesting to see one of a person rather than an object you had to think about what it was) .. also the anemones do it for me, as you know.. x Saw this technique used at a show of A level photography in Penzance this week..x

  2. It takes more than a little bit of practice Karen lol!! You went to the best place to get these fabulous shots.

    I like the flower ones and think the first one is my favourite because you can see the burst of orange.

    You've captured lovely texture in the second photo too

    The one of Yvonne came out well too xx

    P.S I just realised i forgot to post my camera settings - sorry.

  3. These are lovely Karen. I can see from this that I haven't really mastered the technique and I don't feel able to critique them from a technical point of view.

    I can't decide between between the second one and the posy one for my favourite.

    Well done.

  4. I cannot make up my mind about these photos but they are definitely interesting :) Diane

  5. Like you Karen with my photos, not good seeing my rear end early in the morning :-)lol However I do love the ones you did at Eden, but I think the flower posy is really special.
    Love and Hugs

  6. I do like the posy one and I think I have learnt that you need something striking to work with for the best results to allow the contrast to work.
    I'll have to get planning for the water drops one as I know how long that can take :0)


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