Tuesday, 28 February 2012


Went to the Lost Gardens of Heligan yesterday and had a wander around.  I can't say we saw it all as there is so much to see and the weather wasn't that great and we kept getting distracted by a robin who insisted on posing for us all the time, so we had to stop all the time!!  Anyway here are some photos from the day.
This phesant was more than happy to stand and have his photo taken.

Think this is called the lady in the woods
 This duck spent ages having a wash in the pond then dried off once out.

 Rhubard pots, so Yvonne informs me - we so want one!

Last but not least Mr Robin and my photo for the day.


  1. looks like you capture some great photos on your day out.

    Love the robin and pheasant - striking colours xx

  2. excellent photos
    love and hugs

  3. Karen what fabulous photos, great photography.

  4. You must have a nice zoom, that robin is too beautiful for words. I also want a rhubarb pot :) Diane

  5. Your photos of the day are fabulous,impossible to chose a favourite today.

  6. it's getting a bit boring to come on here and comment 'fabulous photos', but what else is there to say??! You really have a very good and quick eye for a great shot!

  7. Thank you eveyone :) x

    Diane, the robin was about 6 inches from the front of my lens, he just wanted to have his photo taken. x

    Janice LOL, I shall post some special ones for you next week. x


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