Sunday, 4 March 2012

26wk Photo Challenge - Random

The theme for the last two weeks was to photograph random things, things you would not normally photograph. Here are Yvonne's

So here are my examples of randomness. 
 First on taken at Heligan, no idea what the tree is but I just love the colour of the leaves.
 AV mode, ss 1/200, f5.6, ISO 500, WB cloudy, fl 80mm.

Sat in the car whilst at work in the evening waiting for time to pass so I could do my next call, found myself photographing the inside of the car with my compact. This is my gear stick and a grubby one at that!
AV mode, ss 1/60, f6/3, ISO 100, flash on (it was 8.45pm!!)

Alarm clock number 2 (yes I need two!)
AV mode, ss 1/100, f5.6, ISO 500, 90mm,

As to which is my favourite, I am torn between the first and the last, love the colours of the first but love the idea and composition of the last one.

The next theme on the list is shapes, so that can be shapes in anything, obvious shapes or shapes that nature has made that you really need to look for. Upload by the 18th March, but most of all have fun. 


  1. Another set of great shots - love the gearstick - it made me smile. Sorry I haven't taken part. I will do my best to do the shapes in nature for the 18th. I need to get back to blogging properly :0)

  2. it has to be the alarm clock for me. Love the reflection in the photo too - you've given me some idea for mine now lol! will be playing catch up this week xx

  3. Great photos. I love the beech leaves as they give great colour all year. Gear stick is really random and I truly love the alarm clock especially the shadow. xx


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