Sunday, 26 February 2012

A good week.

It has been a good week, an even mixture of work and play and only one interaction with the hoover :).  A morning with Yvonne and putting the world to rights and planning our girlie weekend escape - we decided what is good for the boys is good for the girls - he! he!  Another day spent with another friend (NIna 1) where we bored each other silly with photography talk - wonderful :) the only shame was it was raining too much to actually do any photography, so we settled for a pub lunch instead :)  Others friends have invited us to join them on a weekend to France, so off to tea with them on Friday to plan details and last but not least I believe the running bug has finally come along and bit me.  My running partner (Nina 2) and I try to go every other day, be it am or pm (depending on my shifts) and we never want to go especially if it is raining, but we always go.  So Wed evening we dragged ourselves out and just stayed around the village and we were happy that we had reached 4.8miles (she has a watch that tells us the distance etc).  Anyway she rang me the next day to say that as she got to her house the watch registered 5miles!! (I have to run to her house first). We were both so ecstastic :D.  So we repeated it Fri night and again this morning.  I feel like we have reached a huge milestone.  My 6 mile run in March seems very achievable now, just need to start collecting sponsors now.

So to finish off the post here are some images from this weeks 366 project.

Surprise surprise a tulip!!

 Seriously abandoned

 More tulips

Enjoying an ice cream in Padstow


  1. Great shots again Karen but do like the capture of licking the ice cream :0)

  2. Is that Mick's tractor??

    Fantastic photos - i think i have one eating pasties in Padstow at the same spot.

    Well done on the run front - you go!!

  3. Love the Tulips and see you in about an hour LOL
    Love and Hugs


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