Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Yesterday 366 image

I hadn't planned to put my 366 project on here but I think I will end up doing every now and then. So here is my image from yesterday.  I often see photos of glasses and like them and they were one of the things I wanted to have a go at.  I like the two below but couldn't get just what I wanted so will have to revisit again.
 Manual mode, ss 1/4, f8, ISO 100, 90mm.

Manual mode, ss 1/4, f5.6, ISO 100, 90mm


  1. Snap! I've been trying to photograph specs but still haven't captured the image I have in my mind.

    I've also been trying to photograph the night sky (moon and stars) but failing miserably, so any tips would be very much appreciated.

    Take care, Eileen x

  2. Eileen, to answer your question re moon shots - you need to use manual mode, ISO 100 and start with a ss of 1/250 at f8. If it is too dark then drop to f5.6 and so on, if it is still just a white disc go to f11 or more. Use as long a lens as you have as well.

    For star trails you will need to use a very long exposure, 15+ secs and in manual mode again. You can get some great effects with cloud movement as well. Hope that helps you a bit. xx

  3. Karen i think the top photo is an excellent one. I like how the shadow gives you the full glass frame.

    Taking note of your moon and stars tips too x


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