Monday, 16 January 2012

Where is January going?

Having spent most of December and the first few days of January blogging every day I seem to have come to an abrupt stop and I am actually missing it - how sad it that eh?  One day seems to be flowing into another at the mo, so this week I think I need to slow down a little bit and get sorted as to what is happening, what needs to be done and what can wait awhile. 
Slowly I am sorting out photos and taking them off this computer and storing onto an external hard drive.  I have realised that am very bad, in the sense I take photos, upload them, glance at them then forget all about them.  Hence I found this little beauty the other day, I call it a beauty because I have fallen in love with it - is that a bad thing to fall in love with one of your own images?  No I don't think so.

I do remember reading somewhere about some famous photographer who takes photos but never looks at them until a year later, apparently he says you view things differently after a period of time. Maybe I am just following his guide, either way I am enjoying going through them.  It puzzles me that I even keep the rubbish ones, such a waste of hard drive!  At this rate I shall have no excuse to need a new computer, not that I want one, a new monitor would be nice and a bigger desk, but not essential or top of my shopping list.


  1. I love that image, too, and I dont think its wrong to love your own work, especially a beauty like that.
    I upload my images daily, name and photoshop them, and store them on my PC, use some on my blog and then once a month I save them to DVD (some would say never to be seen again!). Perhaps going back and viewing last years January pics would be a good idea, I may try that this afternoon.
    I used to save everything, but have become a lot better at deleting rubbish ones than I used to be.
    Joy xx

  2. No wonder you feel in love with this image Karen - it is a stunning photograph....maybe you could give us a tutorial on how you captured this photo?!

  3. That is one to display - it is beautiful. Could get it blown up. Love how delicate it is x


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