Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Fancy waking up to this.......

I couldn't believe my eyes when I looked out the kitchen window this morning to be greeted by this sky.  Just wish I had known it was going to happen and I would have gone out somewhere for a better view.  Funny thing was 10mins later when I met my friend for a run (only 3 miles today!) she hadn't seen anything and the sky was just a light bluey/grey, think she thought I had been on something I was so excited!!

Just to let everyone know for some reason blogger won't let me leave comments on a number of blogs at the moment, when I click on post comments I get a blank page.  So I hope no one thinks I am ignoring their blogging I just can't comment. 


  1. That is beautiful Karen. We had a great sunset this evening but my cheap camera struggles with the colours. Occasionally I am lucky and I get a good one but not that often :( Diane

  2. gorgeous sky Karen. The sky is like this many a morning when i'm at work. Only i'm on the fifth floor and the windows don't open to allow me to take a photo.....from the street in a built up town it can't be seen which is a shame.

  3. Fabulous sky, Karen, what a lovely way to start the day

  4. wow, now that's worth waking up for!

  5. wonderful sky photos of the morning sunrise,
    lots of visitors are letting me know they can't leave comments either, just another Blogger glitch

  6. A very lovely treat - and it's funny how quickly something like this blows over!

  7. OH the purple and reds...how glorious...aren't you glad you were up to capture such beauty! Thanks for sharing!


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