Sunday, 15 January 2012

Catch up time again!

As usual I am way behind with blogging this week, so catch up time now.
First Sky Watch Friday
A long day but weather wise a beautiful one. This was the sky that greeted me as I came out of St Michaels Hospital Friday afternoon.

 Though it was very cold, for more lovely skies from around the world go to ..


Taken a day late but hey who's checking only me!  The sky was brighter than last month and it wasn't wet, in fact it was a nice day on Thurs.  I took this then went for a walk down by the river and took the one below.
Looking very baron, guess the tide being out didn't help.

Amanda had her knee operation on Friday, (hence the hosp comment above) all went well and she is weight baring straight away which is good, she has crutches as a back up if needed but she isn't using them much.  Into college tomorrow for an exam then home again.  She is hoping to be back at college by Wed, which is good, so not too much time missed.  


  1. Nice photos Karen - like the sky shot a lot. Glad to hear Amanda is doing well x

  2. The sky shot is absolutely stunning. I have regretted not having my camera with me a few days this week as we have had some stunning sunrises and sunsets.

  3. Crikey! That was quick, getting the op done..hope all's gone well, will catch up in the week..good to see you blogging.. I think we all play catch up.. it's cos we have a life too! xx

  4. I am always behind these days, I just never catch up!! Lovely photos and I am glad Amanda is doing well. Diane


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