Friday, 20 January 2012

366 project

On the 12th Dec I decided to start a photo a day project.  As a result of this I am having a lot of fun playing with different techniques and actually working through my list of items I want to photograph.  So I thought I would share with you some tulip photos I took this week (the third one was my daily photo).
Apologies to eveyone as I am still unable to post comments on a number of blogs and I understand others are suffering the same, hopefully blogger sorts it soon. :)

All taken using 90mm lens, natural day light,.


  1. Love the depth of field on these photos and the colours are gorgeous, this grey wet weather isn't doing a great deal for improving my photography skills!!!

  2. They are quite beautiful. I wish I understood my little supermarket camera better as I am sure there are many things on it I do not understand. Diane

  3. Looking really good - They are all beautiful but I do like the middle one.

  4. Fantastic Karen! Love these photos and the softness around them x

  5. Thank you everyone, much appreciated.

  6. lots of people do flower pics on their blogs, but few do them as well as you - lovely.


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