Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Back to work -JYC 28 - 1st Jan

Up at the crack of dawn to go to work (should have stayed in bed but then someone else would have to have got up!!)  This afternoon was the family get together that normally takes place on Boxing Day, it was at Mick's brother's this year - I decided that it wasn't a good idea for me to go out again, so curled up on the settee again and stayed there til the family came home - with doggy bag for me.  One home made pasty and steam pudding and custard for desert.  Certainly was good.

Photo of the second pair of bed socks, really enjoying knitting socks, (four needles as well!!)

I find I am running out of steam with this now so shall combine the last few days together to get through it.
Dec 29th - why did I start this Christmas Journal in the first place?  Well have seen lots of beautiful books created around this idea and like them.  I so want to do one, but know it isn't going to happen so decided to blog it instead.  Am I glad I did?  Yes definitely.  It has certainly made me think more about it all and reflect.  Will I print if off as originally planned?  Yes.

Dec 30th - what happened in 2011 a brief account - in no particular order.
  • Changed jobs,
  • Bernadette off to uni,
  • Amanda off to college,
  • Bernadette passed her driving test and turned 18,
  • Went on our first cruise,
  • Met up with cousin and his new partner twice,
  • Lost Uncle Lew, (the last Uncle),
  • Lost Sammy,
  • Nephew got engaged, (a wedding is well over due in this family!)
  • Done a lot of photography,
  • Did a 100ft abseil,
  • Signed up to do a 10K charity run,
  • Climbed one of the Brecon Beacons (sugar mountian, I believe!),
  • Met Louise from Boys, Bugs and Beautiful Buttons  and her gorgeous boys,
  • Cemented some good friendships,
  • Grown in myself.
So all in all a pretty good year :)

Dec 31st

Pretty unadventful.  Mick decided yesterday after five years of asking to decorate the spare room!!  So that was today.  The less said the better really. 

Jan 1st 2012  already posted about resolutions here

  The sky today at lunch time

The sky early evening!!

The photos have nothing to do with the Journal your Christmas but they are from my 366 project that I started on the 12th Dec and were taken on the said days.  They also link in to the 26wk challenge of using a set lens oh apart from the perfume bottle (I did change there tut tut I know - hanging head in shame)


  1. Hope you are feeling better - I was editing and sending photos off to be printed yesterday for it as I am determined to complete it - luckily school goes back late this year so I have a bit of time, I have really enjoyed reading your posts. Other job is to print off the blog for last year. Busy busy :0)

  2. Lovely photos, lovely bedsocks! I've just completed a 365 challenge that I printed out and journalled too - never again! Happy New Year! xx

  3. chuffed to see I made it onto your list for 2011 :)! I've enjoyed reading your Christmas Journal - have to finish mine now!

    Loving your eggcellent photo!!

  4. Hi there - like the two sky pictures a lot.

    Would have paid good money for a cool breeze over the last two nights! Now it’s about 20 degrees cooler! That's Melbourne for you.

    Cheers - Stewart M.

  5. It sounds like you and Nigel felt much the same over Christmas and New Year, not nice. It seems like you had a good year though sorry about the two losses.
    Love your photos, especially the sunset, always my favourite. Take care and hope you feel better. Diane


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