Sunday, 1 January 2012

Boxing Day - JYC 26/27

Not much I can say about today other than I got up sat on the settee and there I stayed til I crawled up to bed.  I felt like I had been run over by a steam roller and hung out to dry in the rain!!!  Not good, though by being on the settee I did get to see 'Singin in the Rain' on TV - which lifted my heart no end.  It was wonderful :)  Mick and the girls went for a walk round Mevagissey and said it was lovely.
No photos to show (just as well there are 366 days in my 365 project!!)  so I thought I would share this with you instead 'What is Boxing Day'

Decided to add the 27th into this post as well as it was pretty much the same as Boxing Day for me, alittle more life in me than yesterday but not much so settee it was for me again.  Though I did manage a photo :)  so must be getting better.  Another Christmas decoration.


  1. sorry to hear you were poorly on boxing day, hope you are fully recovered by now. xx

  2. fantastic photo Karen - hope you are now on the mend. Happy New Year to you all xx


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